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Q: How can I determined my ring size?

Below is a breakdown of how our rings fair in size:
  • Size 5 = XS
  • Size 6 = S
  • Size 7 = S/M
  • Size 9 = M
  • Size 10 = M/L
  • Size 11 = L
You can also check our ring sizer for a more accurate way to size yourself:

(WARNING: Link below will open an Abode Acrobat PDF document for printing purposes, if you do not have the latest version of this software you may click here.)

 Printable RIng Sizing Chart

Q: What is the difference between the Shadow Series and the Precious Metals Collection?

Han Cholo started as a company that only offered Precious Metals, our higher end price point line. The Precious Metals Collections are made either in .925 Sterling Silver or Vermeil. Vermeil is 14k gold plated Sterling .925 silver. Over time, we wanted to bring our designs to the more average consumer. We then decided to start The Shadow Series Collection, which is plated brass. Colors for the Shadow Series may vary on the design but available colors are; gold, silver, rose and gun metal.

Q: Do we offer Half Size?

Yes, we do offer half sizes, but only in our Precious Metals Collection. Because we make all of our Precious Metals to order, we have the luxury of customizing all PM product to the customers needs.

Q: Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide, with additional costs accrued.

Q: Do we make custom pieces?

Yes, we love to make custom designs for our customers. All of our custom pieces are made in Precious Metals and can be more expensive depending on many things, for example; the types of stones used, the design aesthetic or metals used. We work with almost all metals and are always open to a challenge. Please contact if you have a serious inquiry into getting a custom design made, or would like to customize any of our current designs.

Q: Do you allow for Stylist pulls?

All inquires for stylist pulls please contact and we would be happy to see if it is the right fit for Han Cholo.

Wholesale Inquires Please Contact:

Vicky Le
722 Figueroa Showroom
Phone: 213-330-5775
For immediate access to Han Cholo collections, please find us on Brandboom.;