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BOGO HC 2023


Stone Type
40 Oz Pendant, 40 oz of freedom, 40 oz, olde english 800, han cholo jewelry

40 OZ Necklace

$ 50.00
Cry Later Ring, sad face ring, sad boy, sad girl, han cholo ring, han cholo jewelry

Cry Later Ring

$ 40.00
front of the Loco Skull Ring in silver from the han cholo music collection

Loco Skull Ring

$ 70.00

D20 Earrings

Sold Out
Big Pyramid Ring, pyramid ring, ehyptian ring, pharaoh ring, han cholo ring, han cholo jewelry

Big Pyramid Ring

$ 70.00
front of the Indian Chief Ring in gold from the han cholo skull collection

Indian Chief Ring

$ 60.00
front view of the D20 ring in gold on a white background

D20 Ring

$ 40.00
3Mm Stainless Steel Rope Chain Silver Ss Necklaces
Butterfly Knife Pendant Ss Necklaces
Chain bracelet, chain, gold chain, mens chains, thick chain, gold chain, han cholo bracelet

HC Chain Bracelet

$ 45.00
Bandana Ring, Bandana Jewelry, Bandana accessory, gangster ring, hood rings, han cholo jewelry

Bandana Ring

$ 60.00
Arrow Bangle, arrow cuff, arrow jewelry, mens bangle, han cholo, han cholo jewelry

Arrow Bangle

$ 45.00
Unchained Ring, chain ring, stone ring, van halen ring, han cholo ring, han cholo jewelry, onyx ring

The Unchained Ring

$ 60.00
front of the Fu Earrings in silver from the han cholo shadow series collection

FU Earrings

$ 28.00
D20 Necklace ss necklaces Shadow Series Gold

D20 Necklace

$ 35.00