Sid Skull Ring

Inspired by Sid Vicious and the badass old school punk music that started a revolution, the Sid Skull Ring brings an attitude of its own. Punk shows were unlike anything else. Getting beat, spit on and bruised was all part of the punk experience. This ring is supposed to encapsulate all the good shows from the punk days that are now gone.

The Sid Skull Ring resembles a skull with Sid Vicious style hair and a grim smile to go along with it. Made out of surgical stainless steel, this ring will still look badass after the most vicious of mosh pits.

+ DESIGN: Original Sid Skull Ring design w/ antiqued detail and high polish finish.

+ QUALITY: Hand designed in Los Angeles, CA.

MATERIAL: Hypoallergenic 100% Surgical Stainless Steel

DETAIL: Comes in gold, silver, or gunmetal plated stainless steel w/ antiqued detail. 

© 2020 HAN CHOLO.

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