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Crystal Spike Ring

Do you love been complimented? Well... everyone does. This ring has 3 Different Crystals and 3 different paths, which will be yours? Well, the Crystal Spike Ring chooses all 3 for you. Inspired by Gemstones and Natural Geometrics

The Crystal Spike Ring shows off angles, stones, and a sleek design to combine both the angles and stones. It’s designed as a 2 toned ring which incorporates a high polished silver or gold plated brass with a black or white stone as a spike. Handmade in Los Angeles, this ring brings everything to the table. Get yours now.

  • DESIGN: Crystal Spike ring inspired by gemstones and natural geometry.
  • QUALITY: Hand designed in Los Angeles, CA.
  • MATERIAL: Gold, silver, and gunmetal plated brass.
  • DETAIL: High polish finish w/ stone detail.
  • © 2020 HAN CHOLO

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