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Princess Allura Ring

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Princess Allura the Powerful daughter of King Alfor one of the last Alteans in the Universe is now the new Pilot of the Blue Lion and what better way to show her Power than her Golden Crown. This Ring has all the look and feel of the Princess's Crown in 1 10th the size. Wear the Voltron royalty everywhere you go now. 
If you're a fan of the Netflix series Voltron the Legendary Defender than you've found the perfect ring to show your alliance to the Voltron Force. The Princess Allura Ring is the perfect piece to show off your love for the series and your favorite princess in the galaxy garrison. Made of 100% Surgical Stainless Steel, and its adjustable size this ring will be a sure hit as a gift for any fan of the Netflix Voltron series.

+ DESIGN: Princess Allura Crown Ring. 

+ QUALITYHand designed in Los Angeles, CA. 

MATERIAL: 100% Surgical Stainless Steel & Hypoallergenic

DETAIL: Blue enamel detail on frontside of ring. 


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Perfectly gorgeous

Bought your last two at SDCC over the weekend and couldn’t love it more! Dainty, girly & geeky - perfect souvenir! THANK YOU.

Ashley Mace

I had been eyeing this ring for quite a while and when my boyfriend and I went to Han Cholo’s booth at the 2018 NYCC Comic Con he bought it for me. I’ve worn it with pride practically every day, getting many compliments on it, and it’s never tarnished or turned my skin green. The nice young lady at the booth explained since it’s made out of medical grade stainless steel it won’t turn your skin green, ever. And if it does tarnish just polish it a little with the provided jewelry cleaning cloth or if you have one to use that. Honestly I can’t say enough good things about their products and this shop because it’s so freaking cool to have not just a nerdy work of art that you can wear and but the fact that it’s high quality just blows me away. Makes my heart happy to see such love and thought put into it. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you shop here. Definitely will be making many future purchases.

Customer Reviews

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