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The necklace set made for players looking to score big with their friends. Wear the Player 1 necklace for some street credit(s) and give the Player 2 necklace to someone who really pushes your buttons.

This set features 2 necklaces with each having its own player button as the pendant. Player 1 has the one figure if you want to go it alone at Galaga or Marvel VS Capcom 2. On the other hand Player 2 has 2 figures just like you played X-men with your buddy back in the day. This set is the perfect for any gaming couple or your next trip to E3 with your partner in crime.

+ DESIGN: Original Player 1 Player 2 Necklace Set w/ antiqued detail.

+ QUALITYHandmade in Los Angeles, CA. Made to order.

MATERIAL: Authentic Precious Metals item with .925 stamp.

+ CARE: Each Precious Metals piece comes with a Han Cholo polishing cloth. 

© 2020 HAN CHOLO.

This piece is made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for production and delivery. Customization options are available upon request. E-mail -
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