Dagger of Darkness Pendant

Keep focus and master your inner strength and discipline with the Dagger of Darkness. This pendant is one of the 4 daggers that han cholo offers in this series. The dagger of darkness keeps you in tune with the inner peace and the strength to move on.

This pendant features a gold or silver hilt with a skull at the bottom of the handle and 2 faceted black stones at the top along with a carved black stone blade. Hand designed and made in authentic Black Onyx and surgical stainless steel this pendant is a weapon to hold on to always.

+ DESIGN: Original Dagger of Darkness Pendant design w/ antiqued detail and Black Onyx on 28" chain.

+ QUALITY: Hand designed in Los Angeles, CA.

MATERIAL: Hypoallergenic 100% Surgical Stainless Steel

DETAIL: Comes in gold, silver, or gunmetal plated stainless steel w/ antiqued detail. . 

SHADOW SERIES: This piece is part of our Shadow Series collection and is also available in our signature Precious Metals collection.

© 2020 HAN CHOLO.

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