Peace Pipe Pendant

The Peace pendant holds true to it's name, stainless steel with gem details, the totem pole design features historic carvings on a 28" chain, Oh and not to mention it'll have you sitting in the Clouds too.

+ Stainless Steel
+ 28" Chain
+ Stone Detail
+ Antiqued
+ Jewelry Pouch Included

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Inkey Octopus!!!

I had recently purchased the Player 1/Player 2 pendants and I was a little worried about the size of the chain because it was kinda small and very thin, but this pendant comes with a longer and thicker necklace that is sure to be as durable as this amazing pendant is a decent weight, had great detail (especially the 'jewel' eyes!) Not to mention it works like a champ for an on-the-go toker. It may look like a typical 'one-hitter' but it is deep enough to get a pretty good nug that ends up being around a 3-4 hitter!! Definitely recommend this Peace Pipe for any stoner, weed enthusiast, pipe collector, or a badass novel gift. Whether you're a first time Cholo or slowly becoming a collector of all things H.C. (like myself) you won't regret this buy. Now, excuse my while I light my pendant 😆🔥💨🧖‍♂️💯💯💯

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