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D&D Critical Bundle (8 Pin Bundle)

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We love all the characters and monsters from Dungeons & Dragons - so we decided to give them to you all in one place! This Holiday bundle is perfect for any friend, foe, dungeon master, partner, troll, bard, dragon, or elf that loves Dungeons & Dragons. This set is sure to hit like a crit!

$95.00 Value Bundle Includes: 

+ Purple Beholder Enamel Pin

+ Red Glitter Ampersand Logo Enamel Pin

+ Baldurs Gate Enamel Pin

+ Dungeon Master Enamel Pin

+ Dungeons & Dragons Logo Enamel Pin

+ Tomb of Horrors Enamel Pin (Glow in the Dark)

+ Mimic Enamel Pin

+ D20 Sword Spinner Enamel Pin (It really spins!)

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