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That is NEVER THE QUESTION.....because its always gonna be VOLTRON. 

Was Voltron right time right place, or was Voltron one of the greatest giant robots of all time?

I remember rushing home after school to watch Voltron, nothing else mattered...I had to know who, what or where Voltron would defeat that episode, my life depended on it.The cartoon itself was mind blowing, I was around 11 or 12 when Voltron first came out, and I’m telling you things were different back then. When I would go to school the next day, Voltron was the only thing my friends would talk about. We could bring it to life, reenact every heroic scene, and be part of the Voltron Force.

The animation was so much different then what I was use to seeing. It had more story and colors, it was explosive. The style of detail and action was new on the cartoon scene, and at age 11, I considered myself an expert.  It’s simple, 5 lions that came together to form the defender of the universe himself, Voltron. I mean that was a pretty epic skill, and to this day it still is. I remember once having my mom take me to the Glendale Mall to meet one of the pilots. They would dress up in the costume and you would wait in line to get a picture with one....AND I DID. 

One of the weirdest things, but also something I thought was so cool were the flying caskets....such a rad idea in space lol. Its one of the many reasons Voltron was far ahead of its time, and also the perfect time! 

Did I think I would be designing Voltron jewelry all these years later? NEVER, but Im glad that I get to make other people happy with what I create, the same way that Voltron made me so happy everyday after school. 

Highlight was when the Voltron ring was in Deadpool.....Does it get any cooler then that? 


I come in peace, 

Brandon Schoolhouse