Throwing Star 5 Point Earrings

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No better pace to hid your 5 point throwing stars then on your ears. No would would ever assume that these weapons could look so good. 

Throwing Star 4 Point features a portable and quality earring with a bright faceted round surface. Attached to this round surface are 5 points shaped like an arrowhead. Handcrafted in Los Angeles out of precious metals and .925 sterling silver, just to suite your taste. Get your Throwing Star 4 Point Earrings today; you’re definitely going to love it.

+ DESIGN: Original Throwing Star 5 Point Earrings design w/antiqued detail and sophisticated polish finish.
+ QUALITY: Hand Designed in Los Angeles, CA.
+ MATERIAL: Available in .925 Sterling Silver and Vermeil (24K Gold Plated).
+ CARE: Each Precious Metals piece comes with a Han Cholo polishing cloth and gold foiled Han Cholo jewelry box.
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This piece is made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for production and delivery. Customization options are available upon request. E-mail shop@hancholo.com -
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