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SDCC 2024 JULY 25 - 28 BOOTH #1720 

Dungeons & Dragons Collaboration Page

Client: Wizards of the Coast
License: Dungeons & Dragons
Collection Type: Sterling Silver .925/ Stainless Steel/ Enamel Pins
Dungeons and Dragons has become one of the most influential fantasy RPG games of all time spanning over the course of over 45 years. Remembering the days of playing this with my friends made it easy to make a collection that spoke to the true fan and dungeon masters out there. In 2019 we were able to bring our D&D jewelry to the most die hard fans at the D&D live event The Descent. Weather you were a fan of the game growing up or have since got into it following the success of the Netflix series Stranger Things everyone can appreciate the time, detail and creativity D&D has to offer and that's exactly what we imbued in this collection.
collection of the D&D enamel pins from the D&D limited edition jewelry collecitonthe beholder, idol, war duke and mind flayer rings from the han cholo D&D collectionthe sterling silver D&D logo ring and cufflinks from the Dungeons and Dragons jewelry collecitonA gold beholder pendant and the dungeon master ring from the limited edition jewelry collection