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SDCC 2024 JULY 25 - 28 BOOTH #1720 

Transformers Collaboration Page

Client: HASBRO
License: Transformers
Collection Type: Sterling Silver .925/ Stainless Steel/ Enamel Pins/ Patches
Growing up this was one of my favorite toy line and cartoons which is still going strong with the Netflix series and I was finally going to become one of the most epic jewelry collections ever created for Han Cholo. With the Transformers collection we wanted to make limited edition pieces that would appeal to every tier of collector and fan and our friends at Seibertron def got the word out. We had tons of people digging the jewelry including our friend Kamasi Washington that can be seen rocking the  Optimus Prime Ring below. Transformers is a franchise that will never die 
the limited edition sterling silver optimus prime and soundwave rings from the transformers generation 1 jewelry collectionthe collection of the officially licensed transformers generation 1 enamel pinsshot of the limited edition optimus prime patch and the sterling silver optimus prime earrings and ringkamasi washington rocking the limited edition sterling silver optimus prime ring