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SDCC 2024 JULY 25 - 28 BOOTH #1720 

Evolution of Catra

Force Captain Catra, Leader of the Horde with She-Ra Princess of Power For the Honor of Grayskull.

Here’s why Catra is the BEST.

Obviously we are huge Catra fans here at Han Cholo, but sometimes when your designing for a show it can take the fun away from the show itself. This is NOT the case when designing for She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

Catra is strong and bold, she has flaws...many actually, and that’s why she is the best. She’s real and she’s vulnerable. When she’s hurt, you know it. When she feels pain, you see it. And when she’s in love, you can feel it.

It’s easy to see the growth that Catra has hade from every season of She-ra and the Princess of Power. In my opinion, she has had the most dramatic growth thru the entire show. I’m so honored that we got to make pins and jewelry for the show, but here’s a look at Catra thru the ages.

The Fighter

Our very first pin that we made was a Catra Vs She-Ra Enamel Pin that was an exclusive for San Diego Comic Con. It’s clear in the first season that Catra is not as sure of herself as she thought, there is a lot of confusion and even more anger.

Catra Vs. She-Ra enamel pin in fighter pose SDCC exclusive.

The Leader

The Force Captain Catra enamel pin came out. This was a real vengeance and untimate emotional season as Catra learned more about the hurt and pain she had from feeling abandoned.

Catra as the force captain leader of the horde enamel pin with shera adCatra with the horde squad Scorpio and Double Trouble enamel pins

The Lover

It may have taken some time, but its clear that Catra has love to give. She is working on her trust issues and finding her way to happiness. Thats what I loved getting to make the Adorable Catra enamel pin.

Catra short hair adorable enamel pin with arms crossed


We also cant forget the extra adorable Catra Chibi set that was an exclusive for New York Comic Con. These were purely for the sake of CUTENESS...because they are all too cute as little Chibi. 

Shera cute chibi art set of best friend squad enamel pins NYC exclusive

Shera princesses of power SPOP cute enamel pin set with best friend squad bow, glimmer, shera, Catra and swiftwind.

I think its time we make even more Catra and Adora pins. So stay tuned because to us the adventure still continues.


All the Best,