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Robots based ONLY on COOL POINTS.

Robots based ONLY on COOL POINTS.

Brandon Here from the Captain Blog.

ROBOTS…..aren’t we all robots? If we were all robots, who would you want to be modeled after? Honestly, its a pretty hard question to answer, there are many variables to consider. For example, am I fighter bot? Or am I a peace keeper bot? Am I a vigilante robot needed to save the planet?

Here is a list of my top 10 robots based solely on COOL POINTS.


Hands down one of the most chromed out gangster robots on the list. I’ve always thought the design of these were so cool and even a little evil looking too. I like to consider these Cylon robots to be “Punk Rock Robot Knights,” with the Mohawk hair and silver armor these badass robots look like they would read your mind and kill you in a second. The Cylon Robot also had the most iconic voice.

The one thing that never made sense was why they needed 3 Cylon to fly a ship sometimes. Either way, they top the list for cool points alone. Not to mention Battlestar Galactica has always been an all time favorite show of mine.

  Silver Metallic Cylon Robot Battlestar Galactica


When your slogan is ”Defender of the Universe” you were bound to be one of my favorite toys, comics, shows and robots! I have so many memories of Voltron like rushing home after school to watch the newest episode, while my mom made me snacks. The idea that 5 robotic lions would come together to form one giant robot just blew my mind as a kid.

Who doesn’t love that. I had the die cast metal Voltron up until recently when it was stolen, but nothing can compare to how heavy and dangerous that OG Voltron was, I would beat the hell out of those toys and they still looked great. They don’t make em like they used to.


3: Giant Robot Johnney Sokko and his flying robot- If you don’t know about him it was a tv show in the late sixties. I use to watch reruns on tv all the time when I was a kid. I don’t know why we had better tv then than now. With a boy named Johnny Sockko and his Flying Robot who he would call up on with  his watch to help fight evil. Giant robot had a king tut pharaoh kind of vibe which I loved. He even shot giant bullets out of his fingers. First time I ever saw anything like that.

Giant Robot Johnney Sokko and his flying robot

4: Mechanic Godzilla

Another great giant robot. Godzilla’s arch nemesis. Also shot bullets from fingers a middle from chest. Laser beams for eyes and a metal trail that would destroy anything in its way.

Mechanic Godzilla

5:  Raydeen of the Shogun Warriors  I collected these epic toys. I remember getting this toy when I was 8 and that put my love for toy collecting.

They came 24” tall a jumbo sized toy which o never saw before Mind blown . He shot a flying fist with blades on it.  Also Shot robot birds from his red armored chest and had a giant red shield with a giant blue spike on it and even came on wheels not to mention he had these awesome shoulder pads that would go up when in battle and down when he was chillin. In the comic he would transform into a falcon shaped ship pretty epic. He was definitely inspired by Egyptian artwork with his Pharoh shaped head and chest and bird designs.

Shogun Warrior Raydeen in Box

6: Another Shogun Warrior who was very close in the favorites to Raydeen.  I guess you can say it’s a tie.

Is Mazinger who also came in 24” jumbo  sized Awesomeness. This Knight inspired robot was kinda epic. He had  a space ship that was separate in the early versions of the toy that would come out and dock in his head to control him for battle. Not really but you get what I mean. He also had 2 red swords and  a robotic hand that shot missles out of.  These toys were dangerous  back then no rules but were the coolest. Do t make em like they use too that’s for sure.

The Seventies toys were my favorites.

Shogun Warrior Mazinga in Box

8:  V.I.N.C.E.N.T from the Black Hole movie. He was another robot I loved he would fly the whole time and looked like a trash can with eyes but I loved that robot.  He had 2 laser cannons on his chest and his head Wallis close up kind of like a turtle to protect himself.

V.I.N.C.E.N.T The Robot

9: Maria from Metropolis the movie. She was featured in a 1927 silent movie which pioneered  the way for all Science Fiction genres.

You can tell C3PO was the male version of her.  If you haven’t seen this film I highly recommend it. I mean this was in 1927 and still holds up visually to this day.

Maria the robot from Metropolis movie poster 

10: C3PO and R2D2 can’t really separate these guys.

I mean he was Gold need I say more?  And he’s -also fluent in over six million languages.

R2D2 is the only thing holding the franchise together from sucking.

Sorry I’m a 4,5,6 snob.


There are more on the way including I know Transformers but that will be a whole other post.

They should be on this list but they need there own special moment.

I come in Peace, 

Brandon Schoolhouse