Voltron Legendary Defender

Voltron Lotor vs. Allura Enamel Pin

Lotor’s master plan has so many layers but it’s all become clear, he’s only out for himself...when Allura learns the truth behind Lotor's plans it's her disgust with not only Lotor but herself that highlights the real danger of villains like Lotor. This Officially Licensed enamel pin is the perfect gift for any fan of the Voltron Legendary Defender Netflix Series from today. If your a fan of Princess Allura or even Prince Lotor from the Legendary defender series then this enamel pin will be the perfect addition to your collection. Wear this with pride during your next Voltron cosplay! The Voltron Lotor vs. Allura enamel pin is the perfect Voltron accessory for you! Wear this and LET'S FORM VOLTRON!

+ DESIGN: Voltron Lotor vs. Allura Enamel Pin 

ATTACHMENT: Double rubber clutch backings for secure attachment.

MATERIAL: Made with colored soft enamel.

+ SIZE: 1" x 1.5"



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