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The Player 1 Player 2 Earrings are set made for players looking to score big with their friends. Wear both earrings for some street credit(s) or give the Player 2 earring to someone who really pushes your buttons.

These studs have a great classic design, one with one player and the other with 2 players both antiqued to show off the intricate detail. These earrings really bring it back to the 80's nostalgia of going to the Arcade and playing all day or until you ran out of quarters. Made out of Surgical Stainless Steel these little studs will outlast every level in Centipede to Metal Slug any day of the week.

+ DESIGN: Player 1 Player 2 Button Stud Earrings.

+ QUALITYHand designed in Los Angeles, CA.

MATERIAL: Hypoallergenic 100% Surgical Stainless Steel.

DETAIL: Silver Stainless Steel w/ antiqued detail.

SHADOW SERIESThis piece is part of the Shadow Series collection and is also available in our Precious Metals collection.

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Matthew Shafer
Cool Set

In at about .5" in diameter, it's not too big or small.

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