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Precious Metals Earrings


Stone Type
Bone Earring, skeleton earrings, bone studs, bone jewelry, han cholo jewelry, han cholo

Bone Earrings

$ 75.00
Dagger Stud Earrings pm earrings Precious Metals Sterling Silver .925

Dagger Stud Earrings

$ 75.00
Fu Earrings Vermeil Pm Earrings

FU Earrings

$ 75.00
front of the power sword earrings in silver from the masters of the universe collection
front of the Moon Earrings in silver from the han cholo fantasy collection
Heart Stud Earrings Sterling .925 / 4Mm Pm Earrings
Jacks Earrings Sterling .925 Pm Earrings

Jacks Earrings

$ 120.00
Crystal Spike Stud Earrings Pm Earrings
Sex Symbol Hoop Earrings Vermeil Pm Earrings
Sword Of Protection Stud Earrings Sterling .925 / O/s Pm Earrings
Baby Spike Stud Earrings Pm Earrings
Medium Spike Stud Earrings Sterling .925 Pm Earrings
Big Spike Stud Earrings Sterling .925 Pm Earrings
Dagger Drop Down Earrings Sterling .925 Pm Earrings
4 point throwing star earrings, ninja earrings, Japanese earrings
Throwing Star 5 Point Earrings Pm Earrings
horde symbol earrings from she-ra and the princesses of power angled to the right showing the detail
shot of the gold swiftwind stud earrings facing in casting a shadow on a white background
Switchblade stud earrings in sterling silver from Han Cholo