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The necklace set made for players looking to score big with their friends. Wear the Player 1 necklace for some street credit(s) and give the Player 2 necklace to someone who really pushes your buttons.

This set features 2 necklaces with each having its own player button as the pendant. Player 1 has the one figure if you want to go it alone at Galaga or Marvel VS Capcom 2. On the other hand Player 2 has 2 figures just like you played X-men with your buddy back in the day. This set is the perfect for any gaming couple or your next trip to E3 with your partner in crime.

+ DESIGN: Original Player 1 Player 2 Necklace Set.

+ QUALITYHand designed in Los Angeles, CA.

MATERIAL: Hypoallergenic 100% Surgical Stainless Steel

DETAIL: Silver Stainless Steel w/ antiqued detail.

© 2020 HAN CHOLO.

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Inkey Octopus!!!
Great Pieces!!

My girl and I love these necklaces, remind us of each other always, and you can tell it's too bitch manufacturing, next time I need to get a bigger chsim because the one that congress standard is tiny and thin, besides that always amazing Han Cholo craftsmanship!!


These are amazing! My girlfriend loved it! The button looks so good everyone who sees it is tempted to push it! Will definitely buy more from HC

Amy Groves
Very Cute Necklace Set

This is such a cute set with a lot of meaning. Why I wanted this set, my daughters' long-term boyfriend asked her out by asking if she would be his 2nd player. They are serious gamers and has been a cute joke in our family since then. Since the holidays are coming, i wanted to get them something for them as a couple and this is the perfect set.

The chains are nice and shiny and a good length. The clasp is secure and is the lever/hinge style. It's easy to open and closes automatically. and stays closed.

The pendant moves freely and is not stuck in one place.

This is a very nice set. I am so happy I got it.

I received this set for free in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.

Customer Reviews

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