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Skinner Haunted Hand Pendant

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A wizards hand was severed long ago, in a battle deep in the black woods, where he had been hunted relentlessly by his enemies. As they were burning his cursed, magic body, he used the last of his energy and fell black spells to transport his spirit into the hand that his enemies had forgotten just beyond where his body now burned in otherworldly agony. Now haunting the world as a wretched crawling claw, he tries to find his way back to the unholy, foul, glory he once held in his iron like grip.

+ Made In Los Angeles
+ Authentic Precious Metals item with .925 stamp
+ Solid .925 Sterling Silver or Vermeil (24k Gold Plated)
+ Red CZ Stone Detail
+ Made to Order
+ Please allow 2-4 weeks for production and delivery
+ Customization options are available upon request, please email shop@hancholo.com or Send us an email Now
+ Order comes with polishing cloth and jewelry box
+ Officially LicensedåÊSKINNER Jewelry
+åÊå© 2017 The Art of Skinner

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