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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Collaboration Page

Client: Hasbro
License: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Collection Type: Stainless Steel/ Sterling Silver .925/ Enamel Pin
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a powerhouse of a series when it first debuted and knowing that the franchise is still going strong to this day we had no problem saying yes to making an insane jewelry collection. There were so many pieces we wanted to recreate for the fans from the franchise like the Dragon Flute Pendant as well as the Saba Sword Pendant and the Power Morpher Ring. In the end we gave the fans the very best including custom gold foil power rangers jewelry boxes because MMPR has some of the most loyal fans and community we have ever witnessed and they are all the best.
the red and green ranger zord collectible enamel pins from the mighty morphin power rangers collectionthe sterling silver green ranger ring and lord zedd ring from the mighty morphin power rangers collectionthe green and red ranger bead bracelet from the han cholo mighty morphin power rangers jewelry collectionthe limited edition power morpher rings from the mighty morphin power rangers jewelry collection