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Castle Grayskull Ring
Juanita Crary
The best most badass ring ever

I mean, it's Greyskull castle. Need I say more?

Awesome GPK Pin

Nice colors and great detail for this GPK pin!

Voltron Key Keychain
Jim key “the key person?”
Five blazing swords worthy

This item is exactly as advertised, and has a very satisfying weight, it has a good key shape and a good key feel.

Raider Ring
Daniel Francies

Ring is amazing! I love it! =) I'm disappointed that the gem is purple though (should be red) =(

She-Ra Helmet Ring
Nancy Marshall
Bought by mistake

Wasn’t wearing my glasses. Assumed because of the price, I was ordering a head piece for a costume party.

Skeletor Havoc Ring
William Findlay
Havoc Ring

It's a really beautiful ring with a great design that I loved wearing. My only advice would to be very careful with it as the area where the rams head is attached is very delicate, unfortunately that is where mine broke. However I do love the ring and would still strongly suggest buying it.

쥬라기공원 감동이 내 손 안에,

쥬라기공원의 오랜 한국 팬으로써 인터넷에서 수소문 끝에 찾아내어 구입하게 되었습니다.
돋보이는 디자인, 적당한 중량감 그리고 우수한 품질.
장인정신이 느껴지는 훌륭한 반지입니다.
소장용으로 한개 더 구입하고 싶을 정도네요.
반지를 끼며 한번 더 영화의 감동을 느껴봅니다.
"Life finds a way"

King Kong Pendant
Stephanie Lagunes
King Kong pendant

Thank you so much for shipping my package so fast..My husband loved it..I would definitely order more stuff soon


Everything I've bought from Han Cholo has been top tier!! One of my favorite jewelers.

Frankenstein Ring
Chad Lundy

These truly are more amazing in person then u can imagine

Universal Monster pins

Love, love, love them!!! I have recommended Han Cholo to all my family and friends.


My favourite pendant!

Actually perfect

I am obnoxiously particular about jewelry craftsmanship. Having said that, I dove in and bought this for my sister for a (late) Christmas present. She absolutely loves it. It’s an incredible piece that’s true to size (size 8 was requested). If there is anyone reading this that is still undecided about investing in this, just do it.

Castle Grayskull Ring
Mathias Nastos
Great ring, but sharp edges on the inside mean you have to be careful with it

Absolutely gorgeous ring. Fantastic weight and detail. The only downside is that the inside of the ring has a cut-out area that is lined with sharp edges. If you're not careful putting on or taking off the ring, you can lose some skin. I'm guessing it was done to reduce the ring's weight, but it should have been rounded off.

Awesome Pendant!

I never realized before purchasing the pendant that the lock on the heart is a separate piece, it’s a very cool detail. I absolutely love it, would buy again

Voltron Ring
Dope ring!

Just got the ring and looking hella dope! Only issue is one piece on the inside where the two metals are joined is slightly raised up, so far don’t feel it while wearing but noticeable if I run a finger over it. But absolutely love the look on my hand. 🤘🏼

Adam Bomb

Order arrived quick and the pendant looks great! Very happy.

Love Will Tear Us Apart Enamel Pin

A perfect 5 stars!!

The quality was great and so was the delivery!

This is so beautiful, I loved it. The glow in the dark is awesome and the shipping was really fast although it was international shipping for me.


This is a gift for my brother who is a HUGE Garbage Pail Kid fan. He is gonna love it! Great detail. Well made. Bright colors. Shipped quickly. Very satisfied with my purchase!

Castle Grayskull Ring
Garth Podmore

Very happy having the power of castle Grayskull on me now,great piece for fan's of the franchise.

Nostalgia galore!

I remember being a huge Voltron fan as a youth so wearing this ring makes me smile whenever I look at it. I take pride in letting everyone that inquirs about it know how awesome Han Cholo’s designs are. Actress Cree Summer is how I found out about these fabulous website. I can’t wait to visit L.A. and check out the store!

Catra Ring Bundle

Love the ring! So beautifully crafted. It exceeded my expectations. The color and fit of it is amazing. I added an engraving on it and it’s so clear and well placed. The pins that came with it are so cool, great size. Highly recommend to any Catra fan.


Ordered this version to check before i splurge on the sterling versions of hers and He-Man's swords. Am not disappointed at all, in fact I often wear these instead of my more expensive jewelry.

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