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I bought this for my husband for our 11th year anniversary (steel) He’s gonna love it, if he ever gets it!


Yo I copped these for my girl and she’s obsessed with them and won’t take them off now. I don’t care as long as they make her horny, so far so good!

Lucky Lion Paw Pendant

Cry Later Ring
Adebayo Kuti
Dope ring

Ring fits perfectly and looks very shiny without looking cheap

Bandana Ring
Bryant Oliveira
Shoulda bought long time ago

I’ve been eyeing this ring for years and I’ve haven’t bought it previously afraid I was going to buy some garbage tin ring for $60. My birthday came around this year and I put my order in and was surprised.

The metal used feels sturdy and as for the ring it doesn’t look like something that was mass produced . If it is kudos to you Han cholo. I’ll be back for more one day.

Oh yeah and it makes a kick a** pinky ring

Just what it said it was and quick shipping

Fast Shipping in Italy

I am really happy I bought from them. Precise and on time and the items are perfect. I will also buy back in the future. Thanx from Italy

Another Great Piece!!!

Keep up the Drip!!!!

Gorgeous, glorious pin

Having had the toy as a child, I love, love, love this pin. The only thing keeping it from getting 5 stars is that I wish the hanging star had a loop perpendicular to the piece...as it is, it is a coin toss as to whether the yellow side or the all black back side is facing out at any moment. No regrets though. Thank you for a wonderful pin.

Catra Helmet Ring
Félix Larivière
Cool for fans, won't last more than a year or two

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my girlfriend 5 months ago. She wears it daily, it fits perfectly but after 2 days it was already scratched and after 5 MONTHS half to golden color is gone. Definitely not worth over 60$ let alone 120$.

I am a fan!

I very much love this pin. I love this film and MR. DNA sure brightens that fact for me. Thank you!

The tits!

From your branding, all the care taken in packaging, the fun note with a coupon #udabest, to the final product this dope chain, I couldn’t be happier ! Thanks han Cholo !!


High quality, very detailed. Completely satisfied!


Haven't tripped and stabbed myself with it yet!

They're both so ADORABLE lovely pins so precious 😍👍

Legendary Ring!!

Absolutely amazing quality and has blown me away with the weight and detail. Cant wait for the Garbage Pail Kid release, will most certainly be buying more.


Awesome Quality Pin! Love The Design! Keep Up The Good Work!

Creature of Black Lagoon

Bigger than I thought. Beautifully detailed. Definitely a gavorite

Skeletor Ring
Jeff @Sornigrafix
Wicked cool ring!

I've got a fistful of Han Cholo rings (Voltron, multiple Star Wars, Suicidal Tendencies...) and this Skeletor ring is one of my new favorites.

It's got great detail, super comfortable (size 12 fit my fat knuckles perfectly) and is very eye-catching. I receive tons of compliments and asked where I got this ring all the time. I happily recommend Han Cholo for the quality & awesome folks who make these bad a$$ items.

Han Cholo rocks!

Awesome quality and cool design

Great design and it does slightly move. Chain is a little long for me but I like I can layer it.

Looks good and will be a great stop gap until my Blazing Sword gets here.

Just all around quality.

Great Piece

Was exactly what i wanted. Great craftsmanship and high quality materials. I have received many compliments from the other nerds I hang out with : )

Solid AF chain esse

Got it as a gift for my bro, he loves rap/hip hop, so I thought why not get him some bling with what really matters in life, light beer, to tell him yeah the grind is important but really appreciate those moments when your head is above water eh?

Amazing quality

This is my 7th Han Cholo ring. Never disappoints

Great piece

Beautiful sculpt glad I got it.

40 OZ Pendant
Pedro Montalvo

Great addition to my Han Cholo collection. Their products never disappoint. Must have to add to your collection or start a new Han Cholo product to enhance your wardrobe.

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